What if you could get back all the information you lost in the course of an average day?

In the workplace, and even in private life, we spend a startlingly large portion of our time in communication with others. Studies show that about 70% of your waking day is spent in communication, and about 75% of that time is spent speaking or listening. Managers spend 35% to 50% of each week in face-to-face and/or videoconference meetings, and countless hours more on the phone.

There are 55 million meetings every single day in the U.S. But 90% of the information conveyed in those meetings is forgotten by meeting participants within a week. If someone isn’t taking excellent notes, chances are you’re missing something.

Relying on memory, which is famously inaccurate, is not enough. And more’s the pity: studies show that more and better ideas are produced in face-to-face meetings, and that in-person interactions bring a host of other advantages as well. Given the fact that many of these interactions take place on the fly — at the water cooler, in the elevator, on the way to or from another meeting — odds are you won’t have access to any notes or records, and that much of the value of those encounters is being lost.

At AISense, we want to give you back that value. So we built Otter, a new app that extends your memory and extends your mind.

With Otter, you need never forget what was said in a meeting, on a phone call, in a classroom, in an interview, or in any other context where voice communication is key. Use Otter to record what you need, so that you never have to lose a thought or an idea again.

Otter is already making meetings smarter not just in the workplace but in many walks of life.

Among other things, our users have already told us that Otter is helping them out in situations like the following:

  • Businesses across the United States are taking advantage of it to record the insights generated during meetings, share them across teams, and quickly bring those who might have missed the conversations up to speed.
  • Our growing development team uses it religiously, of course, so that they have an accurate record of the content of their meetings at their fingertips even before those meetings have wrapped up.
  • Journalists use Otter to give them faster access to the content of their interviews.
  • A growing number of investors and entrepreneurs use Otter not just for meetings but to record personal notes and as a messaging app, sending transcribed voice messages to one another more easily than sending a text.

So if you haven’t already, download the Otter Voice Notes app for iOS or for Android and give it a try.

We’d love to hear from you about how Otter is making you smarter. Send us your stories of using Otter in the workplace, in the classroom, at home, or on the road. You may even see some of them here on the blog. Tell us how Otter is making you smarter. We look forward to hearing from you.

Otter is a note-taking and collaboration app that empowers you to remember, search, and share your voice conversations. Visit https://otter.ai to sign up free.