New Data Reveal Meeting Changes Needed as Companies Evaluate Hybrid Work Plans

  • 42% of remote workers say they’ve experienced Zoom fatigue since the pandemic began
  • 45% of remote workers want to work in the office between one and three days per week
  • 52% of remote workers say that working from home has improved their work-life balance

Zoom fatigue is real and alive in today’s workforce

Business meetings need to fundamentally change

  • 52% — All meetings should have agendas
  • 35% — People should only attend relevant sections of meetings
  • 33% — Meetings should be shorter
  • 26% — Meeting notes should always be shared with attendees
  • 22% — No use of cell / mobile phones during calls
  • 20% — No one should be doing emails during the meetings
  • 13% — Meetings should have five people or fewer

Meeting behaviors and productivity tools

  • 39% are working from home full time and believe they will be indefinitely
  • 36% are fully remote but think they’ll be returning to the office, at least partially, at some point
  • 24% are working in the office with colleagues some of the time
  • 14% of remote workers say they want to return to the office full time when it’s safe to do so
  • 20% say they never want to return to the office

Hybrid work is here to stay

Work-Life Balance in the Hybrid Workforce



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