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3 min readApr 24, 2022


Meet the New Otter

We’re excited to launch the new Otter — built for the half billion hybrid work professionals who are running from one meeting to the next, while juggling multiple projects with various teams.

The new Otter is an end-to-end meeting and collaboration tool — streamlining your communication for smarter, more collaborative, and more productive meetings.

Here’s a look at what’s new.

Home Feed & Calendar to Manage Your Meeting Needs

The new Otter home feed centralizes all meeting needs for teams — a one-stop for meetings and post-meeting actions. Use the home feed to easily access your important shared conversations, highlights and comments, and tagged action items. Then dig deeper by searching through your meeting notes.

See all of your events and meetings in Otter by connecting your Google or Microsoft calendar. From the calendar, you can schedule Otter Assistant to auto-join, capture and auto-share meeting notes with the meeting invitees. You can also join upcoming Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams meetings directly from Otter. If you missed or want to revisit a past meeting, use the calendar to navigate to the appropriate day and easily retrieve the meeting notes.

Meeting Gems™ for Key Takeaways

Otter’s meeting notes have always been helpful, but now you and your teammates can turn meetings into actions using the new Meeting Gems™ panel. Meeting Gems™ can be generated directly from your meeting by highlighting snippets within the notes. Easily capture action items, decisions, and key moments of your meeting then use the Meeting Gems™ panel to assign action items, add comments, or ask a question, saving you the step of sending follow-up emails.

One-Click Screen Captures

When using Otter Assistant (now available for both Pro and Business users), you can add a screenshot from your video call with a single click. Capture important meeting slides or other materials for fast, easy, visual references for yourself and your team.

Automatic Outline for a Quick Meeting Summary (Beta for Otter Business on web browser)

After a meeting, Otter’s proprietary AI will automatically create a meeting summary that’s curated and displayed in the Outline panel so you and your colleagues can easily access a summary of what was discussed.

If you’re a new user or team, sign up here.

Existing Otter Business users logging into Otter on the web will see a pop-up introducing the new Otter experience over the next few days. They can choose to immediately update Otter with a single click or decide to update later through a button within their Otter homepage. The new experience will roll out for all users by May 2022.

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