How to Write an Agenda for a Meeting |

Nail Down Key Meeting Information

  • The attendees. Who will attend your meeting? Of these attendees, who is required, and who is optional? Will all attendees have the opportunity to speak, or will some be present only to observe? Document your attendee list in your agenda-including departments and titles-to facilitate introductions.
  • The meeting’s objective. What are you trying to accomplish with your meeting? Good meetings aren’t convened just to get people together. There should, ideally, be some tangible action you’re trying to achieve, such as answering a question, making a plan, or communicating progress.
  • The topics you’ll cover. Following your objective, your meeting agenda should include a breakdown of the specific topics you’ll discuss. For instance, if you’re planning a sales team meeting, the specific items you cover may include sharing sales performance data, reviewing new product updates, or practicing responding to sales objections.

Communicate Your Purpose

Be Reasonable with Your Timing Expectations

Invite Attendees to Own Agenda Items

Consider Your Company’s Culture When Involving Executives

  • Coordinating with your executives’ teams. Getting time with executives is often more challenging, due to their limited availability and the layers of support staff involved in managing their calendars. Plan far enough in advance to get the time you need, and enlist the help of their assistants in distributing your agenda in advance.
  • Respecting the team’s hierarchy. If executives will attend your meeting, it’s generally a best practice to list them first on any emails or calendar invitations you plan to send out.
  • Allowing extra time for executive commentary. While the timing of your meeting should be planned to ensure no one gets cut off, you’ll want to be especially careful when executives will attend. Pad some extra time into your schedule in case they open up conversations that take you away from your original agenda.

Account for Post-Meeting Follow-Up



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