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What is a Sprint?

  1. Backlog grooming: The product owner organizes the list of feedback and tasks that need to be completed.
  2. Sprint planning: The team gets together to plan out what tasks from the backlog they will work on in the next sprint.
  3. Sprint: The team works to accomplish the goals they agreed upon during sprint planning (usually over a set period of time). During the sprint, there will also be daily scrums, which are short meetings used to get everyone organized for the day ahead.
  4. Sprint review: The team meets to review the work that was actioned during the sprint. For example, the team might try out a demo version of the feature they built together.
  5. Sprint retrospective: The team meets to discuss what worked and what didn’t during the last sprint.

What is a Sprint Planning Meeting?

Sprint Backlog

Task/User Story Estimation

Capacity Determination

  1. Take the number of hours each team member works
  2. Multiply it by the number of team members
  3. Subtract the amount of time that will be tied up in meetings or other activities
  4. Multiply that number by a productivity coefficient

Velocity Determination

Sprint Planning Meeting Agenda Template


  • Introduce the team
  • Review the purpose of the meeting
  • Note any absences

Sprint Goal Setting

  • Determine what goals should be met
  • Determine the team’s capacity
  • Determine the team’s velocity

Sprint Backlog

  • Look over the current backlog of user stories to decide on sprint goals
  • Estimate the production requirements of each user story
  • Check that all team members are clear on what each user story entails
  • Clarify any misunderstandings on user stories
  • Determine how many user stories can be implemented within the upcoming sprint
  • Ensure everyone knows what it means for the user story to be done

Sprint Backlog Verification

  • Discuss and identify potential risks
  • Discuss a final action plan

Final Wrap-Up

  • Update your team’s project management tool with the agreed-upon tasks
  • Ensure every team member knows what they’re tasked with and that no known blockers exist that might impede their progress



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