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When starting a Zoom meeting with a new group of teammates, coworkers, or clients, it can feel a little strange to know the right things to do or say. Should you be professional or more relaxed? Should you wear a suit or a t-shirt? Should you chat and make small talk or dive right into the task at hand?

Naturally, the answers to these questions will differ a little for everyone. That said, there are some rules of Zoom etiquette that everyone should follow.

What is Zoom Etiquette?

While Zoom etiquette may not be an exact science, there are some rules that help keep…

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From foraging for plants and animals for food close to the dwelling facilities to working from home to save gasoline during the oil crisis in 1970s, remote working has been here for 1.4 million years.

It has revolutionized the trend of flexible work arrangements over the years with the rise of freelancing and the need to create a work-life balance.

But in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the trends that were already in action when it comes to working from home policies.

Teleconferencing and remote work technologies have advanced so much that businesses these days can thrive only on remote…

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Meetings are part of our professional lives — no work schedule is complete without them. But that doesn’t mean all meetings are productive endeavors; unfortunately, most are considered a waste of time!

That’s because it takes considerable time and resources to set one up. Employees have to take time away from productive work to prepare for unproductive conversations, which usually means interruptions in deep work.

Not only this, the sheer amount of ineffective meetings incur huge expenses. …

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How can you ensure that your team is as effective as possible while working remotely? Luckily, there are remote working tools that may help!

If you choose the right work from home tools for your remote employees, you’ll get the same results as if they were in the office, or even better. To help you to navigate all the choices, below is a list of 16 remote working tools to consider!

Best Hubs for General Teamwork

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Remote team communication is fast becoming a necessary choice for businesses seeking to thrive outside of the traditional office environment. But it isn’t without challenges.

Apprehension about working using remote communication is actually really common. Provided you follow our 5 key tips on working with remote teams, you’ll be able to reap all of the benefits of working with remote teams, without any of the downsides!

1. Set Up Guidelines on Remote Team Communication

New methods of communication and working often require a few rules in order to be effective. They don’t have to be overly arbitrary or strict. Consider them more as a guide than a law.

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Kitty Kolding specializes in market research, and is an expert in analyzing consumer data. Once the CEO of Inforcore, a consumer data firm, Kitty is now the head of Chrysalis Partners, where she helps clients monetize data and make it easier to understand. Kitty and her team at Chrysalis use Otter to record conversations and transcribe sales calls. She says that relying on Otter helps keep the conversation more human, as she can focus on the bigger picture and come back to the technical details later.

At Chrysalis, Kitty takes complex data and puts it in a form that can…

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Working from home may seem like the perfect solution for employees who are tired of the nerve-racking commute, micro-managing bosses, and distractions in the workplace. While there is no denying that remote work has benefits when done right, it’s not without its issues.

The Biggest Challenges Of Working Remotely

According to the Buffer’s State Of Remote Work report, employees struggle most with the following problems when working remotely:

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国際会議通訳 グレース美幸さん

千葉大学看護学部、カリフォルニア大学サンフランシスコ校看護学部修士課程卒。サイエンスや技術系分野の同時・逐次通訳を得意とし、IT分野ではエンジニアと勘違いされることもある。通信衛星 N-STARや気象衛星ひまわりのプログラム通訳の他、NASAの地球観測プログラムASTERを1991年から担当し、2018年にはNASAから感謝状が授与される。故スティーブ・ジョブズ氏などシリコンバレーのトップ経営者の通訳や、故日野原重明氏の米国講演の同時通訳などを担当した。


そう語るグレースさんは、サンフランシスコ郊外に在住する国際会議通訳です。シリコンバレー企業の会議通訳や、NASAのプロジェクトメンバーなど、豊富な経験と知識をもち 、主にIT・情報通信分野を専門とした通訳・翻訳・字幕制作などを行っています。





「発音のチェックでは、実はひとつ 困っていることがあるのです。たとえば 、生徒本人はBeautifullyの語尾を“ry”の方で発音してしまったのに、賢いOtterは文脈から判断し、“ly”と正しいスペルで表示してくれるのです。すると、生徒が自分の発音は問題がないと思い込んでしまいます」


「従来の字幕の作り方は2種類。速記者に依頼し、動画から話者の言葉を英文で起こしてもらい、それを私が翻訳し、日本語の字幕として仕上げるというやり方が一つ。もう一つ は、私が動画を見ながら通訳して文を書き、それを仕上げるという方法でした。速記者に依頼するのは時間と費用がかかるし、動画を同時通訳して訳文を起こすのも非常に手間がかかります。それが今では、Otterが英文書き起こしまでを素早く終えてくれるので、私は翻訳と仕上げに集中できます。






Originally published at on November 24, 2020.

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Zoom meetings present a completely new social environment for people who are not accustomed to video calling. Even if you do make video calls on a regular basis, you may feel out of your element in a Zoom meeting with small groups or significant audio delays. In any case, there’s no need to feel awkward or unsociable in virtual meetings. The shift to remote work is a major transition for everyone, so you’re not alone.

Nonetheless, there are issues associated with virtual meetings that can leave people feeling disconnected, unproductive, or even overworked. ‘ Zoom fatigue’ is a real phenomenon…

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Online meetings have become a central part of daily operations for many businesses around the globe. The right web conferencing tools can facilitate the meeting process, making it efficient to tackle your goals. This guide will help you make an informed decision about which software to consider.

Web Conferencing Tools Are Now Indispensable

Is your organization new to web conferencing? In our COVID-19 economy, video conferencing is no longer just convenient. For many businesses in diverse sectors, it is now imperative. Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom explains:

“We see an incredible 42 percent of the U.S. labor force now working from home full-time … By sheer numbers…

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